Narva & Associates, Inc.
If you are a fire and emergency services association, society or labor union seeking the services of an Association Management Company, scroll down to find out about the Association Management Company that Narva & Associates, Inc., offers.

If you are a company or industry organization that produces products, procedures or services to achieve higher levels of fire safety for the public and the emergency response community, scroll down to learn about Narva & Associates's Services to industry clients.

Narva & Associates, Inc., Association Management Services

We will customize our services to meet the needs of any fire and emergency services association to include a range of functions including management, administration, accounting, membership, committee support, communications and numerous other areas. Following is a sample of the kinds of services we can provide to your organization.


  • Provide an experienced individual to serve as Executive Director
  • Manage business affairs of the organization
  • Project Management
  • Interact and maintain working relationships with related organizations
  • Promote the association’s professional image
  • Assist in long-range strategic planning
  • Support the Board of Directors and volunteer leaders


  • Provide centralized office facility and functions
  • Maintain files and keep records
  • Maintain correspondence and communications for the association
  • Provide mailing and distribution services
  • Provide personalized telephone line
  • Provide staff support at all Board meetings


  • Work closely with the association Treasurer
  • Maintain appropriate records
  • Handle accounts receivable/payable
  • Consulting on accounting systems (Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree)
  • Prepare and disseminate monthly financial reports
  • Prepare and file taxes and IRS 990
  • Coordinate annual audit

Membership Services

  • Maintain and manage database of members and prospective members
  • Prepare and process membership renewals and dues collection
  • Assist in soliciting new members

Grant Writing and Management

  • Identify potential sources of funding and appropriate projects
  • Assist in grant writing to secure funding
  • Manage and administer the grant to ensure compliance
  • Provide subject matter expertise to fulfill grant deliverables
  • Draft and file reports as needed


  • Prepare meeting announcements and invitations
  • Conduct advance registration as well as on-site registration
  • Assist in agenda development and arranging speakers
  • Arrange for venues, name badges, set up, menus, and audio-visual needs


  • Provide administrative support to committees, including agenda development with committee chairs
  • Record and disseminate meeting minutes
  • Attend committee meetings to provide administrative and logistical support


  • Work with web developers to build and maintain websites
  • Help develop content for websites

Newsletter and Communications

  • Solicit, draft and edit articles and news for inclusion
  • Format newsletters, press releases and other communication vehicles
  • Disseminate electronic newsletter to association list

Government Relations

  • Monitor state and federal legislative actions
  • Keep leadership and membership apprised of legislation affecting the association
  • Coordinate briefings with congressional staff and staff of government agencies

External Relations

  • Assist in developing alliances and partnerships with like-minded organizations
  • Identify opportunities for association members to serve on committees and coalitions to achieve common goals

Narva & Associates, Inc., Services to Industry Clients

Narva & Associates, Inc., works with industries, companies, government agencies, associations, and others that strive to achieve higher levels of fire safety for consumers and for the emergency response community. Essentially, we connect those who have the technology to advance fire safety with leaders and policy makers at all levels of government to enhance fire safety and reduce the risks to the public.

Narva & Associates, Inc., can help “connect the dots” between fire officials and others who are interested in understanding the real-world implications of the decisions related to the safety of products, procedures and services. Our long history of working on a broad range of fire protection issues, our connections within the public safety community, and our commitment to science- and fact-based outcomes make us uniquely suited to assisting organizations that seek to make the world a safer place from fire, in whatever form that may take.

Narva & Associates, Inc., provides:

  • A platform for fact-based, product-neutral information to be discussed with the goal of solving safety/fire related problems. As a result of our established relationships we can provide valuable access to experts who can help solve problems and improve fire safety. We can help to collect information/data, analyze, evaluate, test and report on technologies and practices that enhance safety. We are skilled at communicating appropriately with a broad range of audiences.
  • A crucial link between what is possible with science and technology and what is needed to enhance public and emergency responder safety. Responders often know what they need but do not know what is possible; scientific and technical experts can find solutions but do not necessarily understand the needs from an “on the street” perspective. Basically the two groups speak different languages; we help bring the groups together in the service of safety.
  • A forum in which scientific and technical input can be obtained from qualified experts for use in the development of products, services, standards or regulations that achieve higher levels of safety.
  • Access to knowledgeable fire protection officials and scientific and technical experts who can review, evaluate and provide recommendations on technologies, products or services that take into account a wide range of safety-related considerations. Narva & Associates, Inc., is experienced in developing programs and assembling teams of experts in areas related to fire safety, fire protection engineering, fire science, consumer product safety, fire testing, fire safety education, code enforcement, alternative fuels safety and other specialties.
  • Unbiased facilitation to solicit and process expert input into and development of criteria, justifications, best practices, etc., for use in standards, safety regulation and consensus processes.
  • A neutral setting in which the sometimes-conflicting issues related to fire safety, health and environment can be explored and debated, with the goal of determining how all three elements can be achieved at high levels without sacrificing any of them.
  • Development and management of programs and special studies to obtain real-world incident or performance data to help determine priorities, focus resources, and guide decisions.
  • Development and management of educational workshops that provide briefings or training on complex subjects for a variety of audiences, from emergency responders to congressional staff. We can bring together stakeholders focused on the common goal of enhancing the safety of the public and emergency responders.