Narva & Associates, Inc.
A Fire and Emergency Services Related Association Management Company

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About Us

Narva & Associates offers complete management and administrative services to fire and emergency services organizations that are customized to fit your needs and your budget.  Our focus and specialty is organizations that represent the fire and emergency services, where we have a long history of representation, understand the issues and have many existing relationships in the field.

We offer associations, societies and labor unions shared services that allow for greater efficiencies and are more cost-effective than having a stand-alone office. This allows your Board of Directors and volunteers to focus on fulfilling your organization’s mission rather than spending time on the day-to-day nuts and bolts of administration.

We also work with companies and industry organizations that seek to achieve higher levels of fire safety for the public and for the emergency response community. We “connect the dots” between the public safety community and your need for input and feedback to make your product, procedure or service the very best it can be.

We will assemble the right team of experts depending on the unique set of services you need. In addition to the Narva & Associates in-house staff, we have agreements based upon long-term relationships with a range of contractors and consultants in many specialty fields and areas of expertise to deliver highly specialized services to address your specific requirements.  This cost-effective and efficient approach ensures that we engage the right capabilities as you need them.

With offices in Washington, DC, Central Florida, and the Rocky Mountain West, we are well positioned to serve national, regional or state organizations throughout the United States.